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Did anyone tells you that parenting is really tough, especially when you have not just one but two or three children? Each child has their own needs to be met, there are times that you would be caught in the middle of the fight and this can be tricky. The good news is that in P.E.T., parents can learn the skills needed to solve conflicts among children. With the skill, you will be able to help the children manage their emotions and teach them how to brainstorm ideas to become

Do you know the importance of spending quality time with your children? Showing you love and care for them without any distractions help to keep them physically, mentally and emotionally strong. When you spend quality time with your children, you create a strong connection with your children. This allow them to open up and share their thoughts and problems with you. Life is busy as most of us spend the entire day working, how then can we be an effective parent to maximise the few hours that we have after work