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Did anyone tells you that parenting is really tough, especially when you have not just one but two or three children? Each child has their own needs to be met, there are times that you would be caught in the middle of the fight and this can be tricky. The good news is that in P.E.T., parents can learn the skills needed to solve conflicts among children. With the skill, you will be able to help the children manage their emotions and teach them how to brainstorm ideas to become

Do you know the importance of spending quality time with your children? Showing you love and care for them without any distractions help to keep them physically, mentally and emotionally strong. When you spend quality time with your children, you create a strong connection with your children. This allow them to open up and share their thoughts and problems with you. Life is busy as most of us spend the entire day working, how then can we be an effective parent to maximise the few hours that we have after work

Do you know that the type of parenting styles you portray influences your child a lot as they grow up in life? Sun Na, certified P.E.T. instructor will be sharing with you on the different parenting styles and how it may impact your child in both early childhood and into adulthood. Registration link:

Depending on the growth stages of your child, your child will have different needs. The first five years are very important as the changes in the development of their brain are taking place. Join Lauro Macias Ortega, Master Trainer from Gordon Training International as he shares his experience on the different developmental stages for young children and how parent can help their children at every stage. Registration Link:

Help your children improve their joint stability and mobility through daily stretching exercises! Janarthanan Rajarahm from Virar's Physiotherapy will be sharing with you some tips and exercises that your family can do during this school holidays to ensure your family's wellbeing.  About the Speaker Janarthanan RajarahmJanarthanan Rajarahm has 8 years of experience, working in various setups such as community, fitness and private clinic. Janar is also a Dry Needling practitioner(OMT). Janar believes in patient education and proactive participation to be important aspects of rehabilitation. His main interests lies musculoskeletal and geriatric

Since we are all stuck at home with our children and their home-based learning, hear from Instructor Sun Na on how you can handle potential conflicts during this period using P.E.T. skill. About the Speaker Sun Na Sun Na, Certified P.E.T instructor and a mom of two girls. She has helped many parents built better relationships both in their families and in all their relationships. Sun Na got her Master of Science (Full Scholarship) in Stanford University (USA) & Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). She was a Lead Auditor for Climate Change. 

Do you know that Essential Oils has many benefits for your family even for children and babies? Don't miss out the chance to learn from Karen Piper as she shares how essential oils have helped her children to build a stronger immune system and how most of the time they recover without medicine. She firmly believes that it is important to raise healthy children and to take care of the health and wellness of the family. She has also helped friends and other mummies in their children's wellness journey.