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How To Deal With Conflicts Among Kids? (Conducted in Mandarin)

Did anyone tells you that parenting is really tough, especially when you have not just one but two or three children? Each child has their own needs to be met, there are times that you would be caught in the middle of the fight and this can be tricky.

The good news is that in P.E.T., parents can learn the skills needed to solve conflicts among children. With the skill, you will be able to help the children manage their emotions and teach them how to brainstorm ideas to become a problem solver. They will then be able to find their own solutions and empathise with their peers.

Join Sun Na, Certified P.E.T. Instructor from Gordon Training International in this 3 x 1 hour session on conflict resolution skill so that parents can be more confident in dealing with such situation and be less stressful. The session will be conducted in Mandarin.

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